Non-Ordinary States

Big Sur, Sep 7- 9th

In the natural beauty of Palo Colorado Canyon on the North Coast of Big Sur, Jennifer Allen will lead us in a 3-day experiential and didactic workshop exploring non-ordinary states.

Using practices of earth-based traditions, shamanic drum journey, dreamwork, creativity, and breathwork, participants will have opportunities to learn how to: prepare for, hold space for, navigate, integrate, and “grow corn” from these experiences.*  


Because of the resurgence of interest in psychedelics, those who never experienced them, are curious and those who have might feel less on the fringe with this renaissance. Most psychedelics are not yet legal, however, that hasn’t ever stopped people and will hopefully be moot as we move toward legalization in the future. So, if it is happening anyway...why not make sure people are safe and get the most out of the experience?

Jennifer will share the 3 key elements of success with psychedelic experiences: set, setting and integration, applying her experience with earth-based traditions, Shamanism, and art therapy to these.

Jennifer will also weave in current information on psychedelics in mental health, especially those coming up for legal medicalization: MDMA and psilocybin. She will touch on the neurobiology of how these medicines help and how they are different from traditional psychotropic medications. Our country has a complicated history with psychedelics that cost us four decades of research and relief for so many who have suffered. Jennifer will cover the history, politics, safety profiles, resources and touch on key studies that show promise.





$ 200 per person

art media, light snacks,

tea + water included


Big Sur on a private property in Palo Colorado, approx.15 min from HWY1


Sep 7-8-9, 2019

from 10 - 12 pm to 1  - 5.30 pm

Lunch 12 - 1 pm, bring your own

Overnight stay

2 nights camping or Teepee $20

Small cabin $50 for 2 (no WC)

RV $100 for 3 or local hotels

About the leader 



For further information please contact 

Marina Kurikhina  |